1.    Assist the patient as required in the sample collection—wear examination gloves to avoid contaminating swab with your DNA.

2.    Review the information on the Test Requisition Form for accuracy. Make sure the doctor’s information is complete including the NPI number.

3.    If this is a Medicare or insurance test, make sure a photocopy of both sides of the patient’s Medicare or insurance card is included with the requisition form.

4.    Ensure the patient has read and signed the Informed Consent form.

5.    Place the labeled biohazard bag; completed Test Requisition form white copy with signed Informed Consent form on the back; and copy of both sides of insurance card in the padded envelope.

6.    Macula Risk encourages more than one sample at a time be shipped if possible. If shipping two or more, use the overpack supplied. The envelope and overpacks are prepaid and pre-addressed to the laboratory.

7.    Call FedEx for pick up at 800-463-3339.

8.    Any questions, contact Macula Risk at


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