Akorn Pharmaceuticals | 800.579.8327 |
TheraTears Dry Eye
Therapy Lubricant
Eye Drops
1-2 drops as neededsodium carboxymethyl-
cellulose 0.25%
• hypotonic and electrolyte-balanced formula replicates healthy tears
• available in nighttime and preservative-free formulas
Alcon Laboratories | 800.451.3937 |
SYSTANE Complete1-2 drops as neededpropylene glycol 0.6%• fast-acting hydration and lasting relief
• tear evaporation protection
• nano-droplets for better coverage
Allergan | 800.347.4500 |
Refresh Plus1-2 drops as neededcarboxymethylcellulose
sodium 0.5%
• preservative free
• provides long-lasting moisture and is gentle enough for sensitive eyes
• recommended for post-LASIK dryness
• available in gel formula as Refresh Celluvisc
Bausch + Lomb | 800.828.9030 |
Soothe XPremove contact lenses;
1-2 drops in affected
eye(s) as needed
light mineral oil: 1.0%
mineral oil: 4.5%
• contains Restoryl mineral oils to restore outer lipid layer
• seals in moisture and helps to prevent further irritation
• also available in preservative free, nighttime, and long lasting hydration formulas
Johnson & Johnson Vision | 800.843.2020 |
Blink Tears1-2 drops as neededpolyethylene glycol
400 0.25%
• hypoosmolar, viscoelastic formula mimics tears to restore tear film
• relieves mild to moderate dry eye symptoms
• available in gel and preservative-free formulas
Natural Ophthalmics | 866.505.7501 |
Tear Stimulation Forte Eye Drops1-3 drops as neededsulphur 6x
nux v. 12x
euphrasia (Eyebright) 5X
alumina 10x
arsenicum album 12x
nux mosch. 6x
zincum m. 10x
• preservative free
• homeopathic formula designed to produce a healthy tear film and maintain corneal health
• special women’s formula available
OCuSOFT, Inc. | 800.233.5469 |
Retaine MGD1-2 drops in affected
eye(s) as needed
light mineral oil
mineral oil
• uses electrostatic attraction to stabilize tear film
• replenishes lipid layer and reduces tear evaporation
• preservative free
Prestige Brands | 877.274.1787 |
Clear Eyes Pure Relief1-2 drops in affected
eye(s) as needed
glycerin 0.25%• contains a built-in purifying filter to prevent bacteria
• preservative free
• one-drop control, soft-squeeze bottle

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