Created for monthly lens wearers, ACUVUE VITA
by Johnson & Johnson Vision incorporates
its HydraMax technology to provide comfort.

Your contact lens patients will be living the good, comfortable life all month long with the latest contact lens from Johnson & Johnson Vision.

A recent study has shown that one-half of monthly wearers are not satisfied with the final week of their contact lens wear. A leading cause for this comfort decline may be a change in lens hydration. This leads patients to rely on rewetting drops, or they even drop out of lens wear for a day or two. Over two-thirds of patients are experiencing comfort-related issues and 84% of them are annoyed as a result of having to resort to these compensating behaviors.  And, 73% of these patients do not plan on telling their doctors their concerns. Johnson & Johnson Vision created the ACUVUE VITA with these patients in mind.

ACUVUE VITA was created with the goal of providing an excellent contact lens experience from beginning to end for patients. The secret: HydraMax, which was engineered to both maximize and maintain hydration over a four-week contact lens wearing cycle. The new, uncoated silicone hydrogel formulation, Senofilcon C, integrates significant amounts of wetting agent to help maximize hydration.  It also integrates an optimal density and distribution of the eye’s lipids while limiting lipid deposits.  These lipids can then perform their natural, beneficial function of preventing tear film evaporation, helping the contact lens maintain hydration over the course of an entire month, addressing the complaints reported by many monthly contact lens wearers.


For additional comfort, HydraMax Technology was combined with Johnson & Johnson Vision’s INFINITY EDGE Design. A patient’s contact lens awareness is often based on lid interaction with the lens. ACUVUE’s INFINITY EDGE Design provides a smooth, tapered lens edge for optimal comfort. It minimizes lid interaction and contact lens awareness, providing great initial and all-day wear. ACUVUE VITA also provides Class 1 UV blocking, a long-term health benefit for patients.

ACUVUE VITA allows our practice to provide a monthly lens that exceeds patient expectations at the end of the lens wear cycle. According to Johnson & Johnson Vision, patient ratings for “Overall Comfort” are superior for ACUVUE VITA vs. leading monthly lenses at weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.  In fact, the week 1 comfort ratings for these leading monthly lenses do not surpass ACUVUE VITA at week 4.

Shane R. Kannarr, OD, is in private practice at Kannarr Eye Care in Pittsburgh, PA, and Girard, KS.

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