Bausch + Lomb KeraSoft® IC is a completely customizable soft lens design for healthy management of keratoconus and most irregular cornea conditions, manufactured by Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc.

KeraSoft IC is a specialty contact lens that provides good functional vision for irregular corneas. KeraSoft IC is manufactured and sold by Art Optical, using technology licensed from Bausch + Lomb. Unlike other soft lens designs for irregular corneas that attempt to mask corneal irregularity, KeraSoft IC’s patented design drapes over the irregularity allowing a correctable cylinder value to show through. The lens provides balanced overall thickness, uses relatively flat base curves, has front-surface aberration control optics, and its periphery can be modified to improve fit, if necessary.

The entire periphery can be steepened or flattened independently of the overall base curve. Additionally, up to two sectors of the periphery can be modified independently of each other, a process known as sector management control (SMC)—particularly useful when one area of the corneal surface is significantly flatter or steeper than the remaining area.

Recommended for quarterly replacement, lenses are available in base curves from 7.40mm to 9.40mm in 0.20mm steps; the standard diameter is 14.50mm, although additional diameters of 14.0mm, 15.0mm, and 15.5mm are also available.

Gas permeable (GP) lenses have long been the standard of care for irregular cornea cases; however, KeraSoft IC is now available to address those patients who may have problems with GP lenses due to comfort or intolerance. Now practitioners can provide patients with custom-made KeraSoft IC lenses to meet their exact visual needs while increasing wear time and comfort.

The KeraSoft IC fitting method is also proven and predictable. Practitioners can easily remember it by using the acronym “MoRoCCo VA,” which represents Movement, Rotation, Centration, Comfort, and Visual Acuity. A training and certification program is required for KeraSoft IC and can be found at


KeraSoft IC is made using Definitive (efrofilcon A), a new generation of silicone hydrogel material developed specifically for lathe-cut specialty soft contact lenses. This material can provide significantly more oxygen to the cornea than hydrogel lenses, and because KeraSoft IC is thinner, the lens design can increase the oxygen transmissibility as compared to thicker soft lens designs for irregular corneas manufactured in lower Dk hydrogel materials.

KeraSoft IC lenses are available from Art Optical with a two-to-three-day turnaround and a full protection fitting warranty on Rx lenses.

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