When I started editing this, my first issue of Optometric Office, my mind flashed back to second grade when my parents brought me to the eye doctor my father had been going to for ages. Back then, every doctor I visited seemed old, of course, but this one really took the prize. After determining that the sight in my left eye was off, he prescribed a monocle!

At the tender age of 7 I didn’t even know what a monocle was, but I did know by my parents’ reactions that there was no way they were going to let me wear one. Of course, now that I’m older, I do kind of wish they had let me go the monocle route. Granted, I would’ve run the risk at some point of being nicknamed Mr. Peanut, so my mom and dad’s intervention was probably a blessing after all.

Or was it? A recent article in The New York Times mentioned Nearsights, an eyewear retailer that specializes in monocles, had seen sales nearly triple from the previous year. The story also noted that the monocle was coming into favor among chefs, who find them convenient vision aids that can be clipped onto their aprons for use in their quick checking of recipes.

While the monocle trend is likely to be a fleeting one (sorry, hipsters), it does illustrate how optometry is constantly evolving, reinventing itself, and challenging everyone who practices it. Optometrists 50 years ago, after all, didn’t need to devote any time to engaging with their patients on social media or competing with online suppliers. Then there are the new studies and research findings that are disseminated at a lightning pace these days, making it sometimes difficult to keep up to date with everything.

Here at Optometric Office, our goal is to make your job a little bit easier, helping you sort through the newest products, diagnostic equipment, therapeutics, and technology in your field, while inspiring you to make your practice the best that it can be. This issue, for example, offers valuable insights on devices that can improve how you treat glaucoma, the most recent developments in presbyopic contact lenses, a close look at the best lens options for office and computer use, and more.

It will be a pleasure to keep my eyes””monocled or not””peeled in the coming months for other areas of interest for those of you in the optometric world. In the meantime, thanks for reading this issue, and feel free to send me any feedback you might have. I sincerely look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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