The Topcon EXAM-5000 refractive system comprises the CV-5000S Vision Tester, chart projector, autorefractor or slit lamp, and topographer along with a chair and stand.
Due to its compact design, you’ll maintain greater patient visibility with US Opthalmic’s EDR-5400.
The Veatch Digital Refraction System combines several systems to provide a cost-effective way to streamline the refraction process.
GETTING COMFORTABLE Another benefit of digital refracting systems is the direct result they have on office ergonomics.  Some suggestions on keeping your body healthy while performing the same repetitive motions:

    • Take frequent breaks: It’s tempting to stay in the same position all day while doing exams but try and alternate tasks.
    • Change it up: If you use multiple exam rooms, set half in a right-handed fashion, and half left-handed.
    • Start from the ground up: Wear comfortable shoes. For women, flat-soled shoes tend to provide more support and comfort throughout the day than heels. Also invest in good carpet padding for extra support.
    • Relax: Use proper position throughout the day; relax your shoulders, keep both feet on the floor, sit up straight, and engage your core. Try not to over reach or extend your arms or elbows.
    • Make your equipment work for you: Invest in adjustable equipment to keep a neutral spine position.
  • Up and down: When sitting, sit square and properly””don’t sit side-saddle or arch your back. Stand frequently to give yourself a break, but don’t lean!

Speed up your workflow and increase patient satisfaction with digital refracting systems.

Efficiency is defined as “an accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with minimum expenditure of time and effort.” It’s a term closely linked to profit in our practices, and if we streamline processes, we can successfully grow our offices and increase our incomes.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to speed up exam times using a digital refraction system. This allows you to see four to five more patients per room per day, which can be further increased by delegating refraction to a technician. This segues into a greater number of completed treatment plans in the optical, amplifying the per-patient revenue. In the ever-changing landscape of managed care, we all know how hard it can be to increase profitability. Here, we look at some easy-to-use refracting systems that can help make a difference.

Marco has three automated refracting platforms available to streamline refracting in an office. The EPIC-5100 workstation increases patient efficiency by 50%-75%, and also plays a huge role in increasing patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and profits. This system combines a digital refractor, autorefractor/keratometer, space-saving chart projector, autolensometer, and motorized table, taking up one-third the space of a traditional lane.

The EPIC system decreases work times to less than 10 minutes, and performs the refraction in three to five minutes, saving at least five to eight minutes as compared to a traditional, manual phoropter. It includes a color touch screen, improved test and target design, intelligent cross cylinder, flash memory, three contrast and glare-testing modes, a built-in near reading card light and tilt screen, and multiple near tests. Wavefront data is collected and integrated into most EMRs, and hard copies can also be printed via an external printer.

The Marco TRS-5100 system is extremely accurate and reliable, minimizes staff variations, and seamlessly integrates with EMR systems. The TRS-5100 replaces a standard refractor, and allows practitioners to control the refraction from a small keypad. This keypad also controls the CP-690 Automatic Chart Projector. The TRS-5100 is completely programmable, allowing for the delegation of the refraction to staff, if needed. It features the ability to compare the new prescription with the old one at the touch of a button, as well as a one-touch toggle for “quick refract” series. It shares similar features with the EPIC system, including color touch screen, improved test, target and cross-cylinder design, along with improved ability for near vision testing.

The TRS-3100 offers a streamlined system that has a completely wireless interface with the autorefractor and autolensometer. This aggressively priced system also features a small keypad and touch screen that maximize workspace and decrease the risk of shoulder and neck injury.  It can also be networked into a paperless EMR system, and features a dedicated Real Time processor that delivers outstanding operational speed, responsive specificity of function, tremendous simplicity of use, and the security of sustained performance integrity.

Marco is positive its systems will be beneficial to ECPs and to that end will perform a complimentary, comprehensive evaluation of a practice to give a clear cost-benefit analysis. Marco also performs hands-on training for staff and provide unmatched technical support post-installation.

Topcon’s flagship refraction system, the EXAM-5000, combines the CV-5000S Vision Tester, chair and stand, chart projector, autorefractor or slit lamp, and topographer into one easy-to-use, efficient system. It features color-coded cross-cylinder lenses and corneal illumination, as well as an extremely user-friendly operating system. There are customizable refraction sequences and on-screen technician scripts, making it incredibly simple to delegate refraction to a technician. A small optical head makes for enhanced patient comfort, while the compact size (6 ft. x 7 ft.) makes it an easy addition to any size office. The motorized worktable is wheelchair-accessible and the system is EMR compatible.

The EDR-5400 digital refractor allows you to perform all of the functions you normally would in a manual refraction in a seated chair position beside the patient. It also has lots of bells and whistles that make your job easier. To begin with, it communicates with your pre-testing equipment and EMR systems, uploading patient data and offering a Compare Mode, Dual Cross Cylinder Lens, Automatic Occlusion and Convergence, as well as flexible PD control. In addition, it features a 6.4-in full-color LCD and an intuitive keypad with logically arranged keys.

The Veatch Digital Refraction System combines the Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor, the PRK-7000 AutoRefractor/Keratometer, and the PLC-7000 Visual Acuity System to provide a cost-effective, efficient way to streamline the refraction process.

By decreasing time spent refracting with a digital refraction system, we can see more patients in a day without increasing our time spent at the office. We can also improve the patient experience by having more time to personalize our care and less time collecting data. And since becoming more efficient allows us more time to focus on practice management, this leads to growing a highly efficient, technologically advanced, profitable practice with high patient satisfaction.

Jennifer L. Stewart is in private practice at Norwalk Eye Care in Norwalk, CT.


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