The Volk Eye Check comes with three imaging modes: Eye Check, Contact Lenses and Oculoplastics.

The Volk Eye Check makes taking external ocular measurements a snap.

The Volk Eye Check has taken all the guesswork out of external ocular measurements and has completely automated the diagnostic measuring process. Gathering data using this objective methodology, rather than subjective testing, adds a level of confidence to the diagnosing process. It’s as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone. The instant analysis can be sent to your e-mail, printed as a pdf or incorporated into your patient’s electronic medical record.

This mode measures the position of the corneal reflex of each eye to detect the presence of strabismus and objectively measure its size in prism diopters. The device can measure the size of binocular deviation in different positions of horizontal gaze and can also measure residual strabismus through prescription glasses. It accurately measures pupil size and eyelid position under binocular conditions, detecting anisocoria and determining change in anisocoria in different lighting conditions to confirm Horner syndrome.

With this imaging option you can accurately measure the external ocular anatomy to allow for the customization of gas permeable, hybrid and hydrophilic contact lenses. Twenty-one different measurements are provided, including pupil size, pupil position (eccentricity), visible iris diameter (horizontal, vertical, oblique), inter-palpebral aperture, distance from lower lid to pupil edge and lower lid to lower limbus position to help accurately design contact lenses.

As a co-venture with contact lens fabricator, SpecialEyes, the Contact Lens Mode also features the option, Best Fit Analysis, a custom-tailored CL-fitting report that displays the specific CL brand and design best suited for each patient to improve success rates and reduce dropouts. After the patient’s image is captured, the specifications for bifocals, torics or spherical lens designs are sent to an e-mail address or printed as a pdf. With the addition of the sim k value, the device will calculate corneal sag to accurately fit using a sagittal height fitting philosophy.

Comment From a Doc:
The Volk Eye Check generates a tremendous amount of information with a simple click of a button. The value of the data is important for any toric or multifocal contact lens fit due to its accurate measurement of the HVID and pupil diameter.”
““Moshe Schwartz, OD Owings Mills, MD

To identify if surgery is warranted, the Ocuplastic Mode determines the lid position in relation to the pupil and the difference in lid positions between the two eyes. It can measure horizontal visible iris diameter, difference between the right and left palpebral apertures, horizontal and vertical pupil eccentricity and lid position relative to the pupil. Blepharochalsis, dermatochalasis, ptosis, blepharoptosis and macrocornea (for example, from buphthalmos) are accurately measured with this device, which is necessary for medical insurance approval for surgery.

If you have ever wanted an objective procedure to gather important diagnostic information with external ocular measurements made to 0.01mm, the Volk Eye Check is your answer.

Robert Davis, OD, FAAO, is in private practice in Oak Lawn, IL.


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