EMR programs are designed with office integration features to improve efficiency, profitability, and the overall quality of patient care.

Eyefinity’s ExamWRITER features the E & M Quick Code window to confirm required steps within the exam for proper billing levels.

A great deal of attention has been focused on EMR and practitioners making the switch from paper records. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here is a review of some certified EMR systems for optometry.

The medical records in Crystal Practice Management (PM) are customizable and the templates editable to allow doctors to configure billing and coding for their particular template. Crystal PM also offers a default template designed around Medicare standards that is already setup and configured for medical billing.

Another valuable feature is the integrated Physician Quality Reporting Initiative information in which users are prompted for particular procedures given a specified diagnosis. In addition, online form integration allows patients to fill out new patient information online or update existing information, which can be directly imported into Crystal PM.

Kowa Optimed Inc. and EMR Logic Systems Inc.’s activEHRTM is

The 3D Precision Draw in First Insight’s MaximEyes illustrates health concerns using realistic 3D template disease state stamp images.

comprised of three core areas: business, optical, and clinical. The practice management core assists users with running the office from a business perspective—scheduling and recalls, insurance claims (electronic submission and remittance), patient billing, business reports and analytics, and document scanning.

The optical module supplies everything needed for the dispensary, from designer frames to contact lenses, to keep the office operating smoothly. The clinical or EHR module means users have the necessary features at their fingertips to drive best practices in clinical decision-making, to track outcomes, and improve patient care.

First Insight Corporation’s MaximEyes assists doctors by recommending pre-set ICD-9 and CPT codes based on diagnoses, then allowing the provider to prioritize these codes for documentation and insurance

CUSTOMIZABLE EHR AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Seamlessly integrated, Compulink Business Systems, Inc.’s Eyecare Advantage features a fully ONC Certified EHR, patient management/tracking, secure patient portal, electronic claims/eligibility/remittance, E-Prescribing, DICOM image management, and an efficient/ accurate optical dispensing/POS solution. Advantage is fully customizable, including all screens, databases, patient correspondence/letters/reports, and business rules.

submission purposes. Providers can analyze every patient exam and select accurate diagnosis and procedure codes based on their findings in the exam. Once an exam is completed, the Maxim-Eyes E & M Code Checker (built-in coding wizard) reviews the EMR data for that patient then suggests a billing level that complies with Medicare’s Evaluation and Management standards.

Other benefits include pre-built disease specific templates and problem-oriented assessments and plans. A “two-way” E-Prescribing integration and built-in data Physician Quality Reporting System verification meets clinical quality reporting measures. Users can manage all details of patient and insurance billing, track claims, expedite reimbursements, and increase revenue with National Provider Identifier and HIPAA-compliant electronic claims.

Eyefinity’s OfficeMate® allows users to manage patient demographic information, recalls and referrals, welcome letters, points-of-sale, fee slips, billing and insurance information, spectacle and contact lens prescriptions, CMS forms, electronic claims, schedules, inventory and dispensing information, and financial and marketing reports.

The program integrates with ExamWRITER® EMR, which features the E & M Quick Code window to confirm required steps within the exam for proper billing levels. ExamWRITER also has ophthalmic templates and drawing tools and third-party diagnostic equipment interfaces. Recently, Eyefinity announced the release of OfficeMate/ExamWRITER v10.5. Among the new version’s unique and anticipated features is its CMS Meaningful Use Reporting Window, which allows users to easily track their meaningful use criteria. It also calculates the percentage of criteria that users meet so they can report the data during the attestation process.

Acquired recently by Merge Healthcare, Ophthalmic Imaging Systems’

Kowa and EMR Logic’s activEHR is comprised of three core areas: business, optical, and clinical.

(OIS) EMR features an exclusive Progress Note design that lets practitioners navigate through the patient encounter using a workflow that closely mimics their existing paper workflow. Different practitioners in an office can use different methods of data entry with the same system. Methods include voice recognition, handwriting recognition (with a tablet PC), and keyboard text entry. In order to allow practitioners to quickly move through exams, content and workflows are created especially for Retina, Glaucoma, Comprehensive, and Cataract Refractive.

A service of Health Innovation Technologies, Inc., Revolution-EHR is a Web-based full-practice software solution for optometry. It provides all practice management capabilities including optical management, inventory, scheduling, electronic claims, and accounting, along with a complete optometry EHR. Because of the Web-based delivery model, all practitioners are always on the most up-to-date version without need for time-consuming downloads.

The EyeCodeRight EHR Coding Engine allows users to receive a concise summary of the office visit code that is justified based upon information entered into a patient’s record. With one click, users can select the Coding Engine recommendation to populate the claim.
How to decide on the right program for your practice may come down to how each one “feels.” Speak to your colleagues, observe demonstrations of the different EMR programs, and evaluate each program’s features, benefits, and costs to help bring your practice into the electronic medical records age.

Eric L. Bran, Professional Editor for Ophthalmic Office, is in a private group practice in Ridgefield, CT.

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