The UltraHealth FC vaulting lens
from SynergEyes, Inc. is designed
for oblate corneas. 

The UltraHealth FC by SynergEyes helps combat an unintentional complication of post-refractive surgery.

The advent of hybrids and sclerals delivered a new way to manage post-refractive surgery patients with oblate corneas. Vision was typically very good, but lenses exhibited significant instability and movement. We tried adding piggy-back soft lenses, which added cost and did not really fix the GP decentration. Many experienced fitters then moved to scleral lenses. While very stable, it was difficult to mirror the back surface of the contact lens to the shape of the cornea, resulting in poorer than expected visual outcomes.

Now, we have a vaulting lens that is able to be fit very close to the cornea, the UltraHealth FC (Flat Curve) by SynergEyes, Inc. Specifically designed for post-surgical oblate corneas, the posterior surface shape of the lens is reverse geometry with a mid-periphery that gently lands on the cornea. There is edge lift at the junction between GP and soft lens materials that allows for tear flow. Finally, the soft skirt gently drapes the limbus and conjunctiva for improved comfort and dependable centration.

Vault from the corneal surface is controlled by varying the vault value of the lens. Lens vaults range from 55u to 505u. The ideal vault is anywhere between 25-50u. This can be measured with OCT or with sodium fluorescein (NaFl) evaluation. This lens is built to have very low vault over the corneal surface, maximizing vision potential. I have had success with small amounts of corneal touch, but only in minimally irregular post-surgical eyes. If there is high irregularity, a decentered surgical treatment zone, or elevated incision scars, greater vault is needed.

The skirt can be independently controlled with three choices: flat (8.4), medium (8.1), and steep (7.9). If you are familiar with UltraHealth (for prolate eyes), the skirt designations are shifted one step to account for the different diagnoses. The most common skirt curve ordered by far for UltraHealth FC will be the medium skirt.

Comments From the Docs:
“The UltraHealth FC lens has consistently proven to be a reliable choice due to improvement in lens centration provided by the outer skirt, as well as providing crisper vision… Both of which have resulted in decreased chair time and improved patient satisfaction.”
““Jessica Bezner, Lexington, KY
“UltraHealth FC lenses provide the best comfort and vision of any modality I have used in over 30 years of fitting specialty lenses for post-
surgical corneas. Providing vision that allows your patient to drive a car, fly an airplane, and live their lives is the biggest reward you can achieve as an eye doctor. “
““Ric Rios, OD, Phoenix, AZ

The most recent generation of hybrid lenses, the UltraHealth FC has finally given the contact lens evaluator a viable tool to combat difficult post-refractive surgical eyes.

Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, FAAO, is in private practice in Nashville, TN.


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