Giving you a quick rundown on the top news and research from the past month. Consider this the most productive five minutes of your day. Ready?

If you use LipiFlow…
Johnson & Johnson Vision now officially owns TearScience, maker of LipiView and LipiFlow.

If you want to know the best hospital for eyecare…
Bascom Palmer ranks #1 on the list of best hospitals for ophthalmology by U.S. News & World Report.

If you accept vision insurance…
Centerbridge Partners, L.P., owner of Superior Vision, has agreed to buy Davis Vision from Highmark for an undisclosed amount. The combo of these two vision plans is expected to make the third largest vision care plan behind EyeMed and VSP.

If you love talking about the retina…
Luminate is getting some hype. It’s an intravitreal injection from Allegro Ophthalmics, LLC that treats vitreoretinal diseases by targeting integrin receptors. Although still in clinical trials, Luminate has two different mechanisms of action in which it both regresses and inhibits vascularization. The authors say that “this should be particularly useful for half of the current patient population that doesn’t respond adequately to repeated anti-VEGF treatments alone.”

If you treat glaucoma…
A study published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology found a strong association between anxiety and depression and glaucoma. Given that anxiety and depression may affect the patient’s ability to follow treatment recommendations, the authors recommend depression and anxiety screening questionnaires for all glaucoma patients and encourage eyecare providers to collaborate with psychiatrists as needed.
Lastly, with Halloween upon us, it might be worth remembering a 2015 study in Eye & Contact Lens that tested over-the-counter theatrical lenses and found chlorine and iron in several lenses, presumably from the colorants used to tint the contacts. Patient education is key!

Consider yourself informed. See you next month!

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