While at SECO I had the chance to attend the CooperVision-sponsored presentation, “A Different POV: New Perspectives on Optometry’s Future” with Troy Hazard, author of the book, Future-Proofing Your Business. Hazard spoke about three elements that will power change for your business: vision, influence and execution – essentially providing a roadmap for these uncertain times.

His guiding philosophy is, “Business happens in cycles. Your ability to manage these cycles successfully lies in how you interpret information from the past and deal with it in the present, to be more resilient through cycles of the future.” Based on this, he suggests making time to reflect on your day and determine what can be approached in another way. Find 30 minutes daily to think about your business and what can be done differently. Write down things you can influence, things you have influenced and need to set aside, and things you can no longer influence nor allow to take up space in your mind.

Another piece of advice he shared with the attendees is to focus on the next thing. “Stop looking at what’s here, and start looking over there,” he said to the room. It’s this type of forward thinking that will propel your vision. He shared an anecdote from his favorite hobby, racing cars. While navigating a course, he lost control of his car at the very first turn. His instructor’s constructive criticism lends credence to the business world as well: While he knew how to take the first curve, he was overthinking it and lost control. Instead, he should have been thinking about his strategy for the curve that’s two turns ahead. That’s what helps win the race.

Good advice to help steer your practice in these uncertain times.
Joanne Van Zuidam | Editor-In-Chief |


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