Haag-Streit provides a powerful platform for archiving and analyzing visual field data.

Haag-Streit USA’s EyeSuite perimetry software was developed to meet the needs of the modern practice where optometrists must access detailed visual field information, including gray scale reports, raw data, corrected comparisons, and cluster and progression analysis.

While EyeSuite generates a litany of individual reports that can be attached to any EMR system, its allows doctors to have full access to field data from any workstation in the office. In our practice, we were impressed that one price included unlimited access to all of our workstations. An additional plus is it converts Humphrey data to allow us to see progression analysis from previous Humphrey fields incorporated into our more current Octopus® data in one progression report.

An age-old challenge of visual field interpretation has been that doctors find it difficult to access historic data alongside current data. EyeSuite makes the process intuitive and seamless.

Visual field data is most valuable when it can be seen at a glance in a meaningful and understandable fashion. EyeSuite gives doctors the ability to choose from reports that resemble traditional Humphrey fields or newer cluster and corrected cluster analyses that Haag-Streit has developed more recently.

Current ophthalmic diagnostic devices should allow for centralized data acquisition and open access to remote viewing stations. In our office, our two Octopus field analyzers feed data onto one storage drive. The current and historical data is organized and stored on that drive to give real-time access from any viewing station in the office. This means that by just entering the patient’s name in any exam lane, we can see all current field data and progression analysis from two analyzers.

The viewing station software is easy to install and has shown reliable network connectivity. Reconnection to EyeSuite is automatic each time remote viewing stations boot up. Purchasing one license also allows unlimited installations within the practice. Adding or updating hardware never involves annoying license upgrade charges.

It’s no secret that technology impresses patients. Our patients are

“The progression analysis can pick up subtle changes in visual fields more quickly and accurately than any human can.”

—John Warren, OD,
Warren Eye Center, Racine, WI

“Octopus perimetry with EyeSuite allows me to easily interpret the visual field with a variety of displays.”

—Sherry J. Bass, OD, professor,
State University of New York State College of Optometry

“Baseline fields can be changed or bad fields eliminated at the touch of a button.”

—Rich Madonna, OD,
Associate Professor, SUNY
State College of Optometry

amazed that moments after they complete their fields, they can view and discuss them with us in an entirely different part of the office—the report graphics are clear and easy to share.

Visual field data has become more meaningful to our doctors and patients because it can be quickly viewed with the understandable and practical format that EyeSuite has delivered.

Elliot M. Kirstein practices at Harper’s Point Eye Associates, The Glaucoma and Diabetes Eye Institute, in Cincinnati, OH.

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