Demandforce is a fully integrated and seamless way of communicating with patients.

Demandforce offers a complete communication platform that will save practices time while generating profitability.

Technological advances such as imaging for retinal diseases, electronic health records, and e-prescribing have shaped the new optometric landscape. In addition to clinical advances, improvements in patient communication technology are continuing to evolve. Online marketing and patient edu-cation systems are tools that should not be overlooked.

Take for example Demand-force, a Web-based solution that provides busy optometrists with an automated marketing and communications software that syncs easily with their practice management system.

Web-based conferencing allows staff to access multiple daily training sessions that are led by Demandforce experts in real time. Staff can learn how to use the system in 45 minutes.

Demandforce interfaces with most major management systems including Eyefinity/OfficeMate, Compulink Business Systems, RevolutionEHR, Crystal Practice Management, and Medisoft. Accessing the practice management system’s scheduler will enable Demandforce to determine which patients are scheduled for appointments. Retrieving patient demographics reveals who is due to return to the office for annual exams. And through access to the ledger, Demandforce can acknowledge patients who recently made purchases with your office.

Not only is Demandforce an ideal tool for generating traffic, it also provides a mechanism for patient feedback. Shortly after patients leave the office, they receive an e-mail (usually the same day) requesting to complete a survey and/or review. Internal surveys allow staff to see how patients view such things as their wait time for the doctor, cleanliness of the office, or ease of making an appointment. Staff can easily retrieve these surveys to measure the office’s progress on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, reviews are also generated to be viewed by the outside world. Due to Demandforce’s unique data feeds with companies such as Google, Bing, and Citysearch, these reviews can greatly enhance a practice’s online presence.

In addition, practice newsletters are a great way to maintain relationships with patients. Products can be promoted and education provided through scheduled campaigns.

With the recent purchase of Demand-force by Intuit, the company now has the backing of a multi-billion dollar company to offer quality service on automated e-mail, mobile, and social media tools that help practices of all sizes communicate with their patients and drive higher retention and business growth.

I receive compliments about my practice’s Demandforce system every week. I thought this technology would only be noticed by the younger patients but discovered that I underestimated the appeal to people of all ages. Because it’s a fully integrated, seamless, and virtually effortless way of communicating with patients, Demandforce will have significant impact for any office that is willing to embrace the very latest in technology.

Julie Metzger Aubuchon is owner of Metzger Eye Care, a group practice in Northern Kentucky.


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