AdaptDx helps identify pathologic drusen.

“To get ahead of the AMD tsunami, we need advance warning. This isn’t easy despite the many diagnostic devices offered to us. Research has shown that AMD starts before the structural defects we see with fundus cameras and OCTs. The AdaptDx shows telltale functional impairment consistent with early macular dystrophies like AMD. It is a practical test that is easy to administer.”
                                 “”Gary S. Kirman,OD, Kirman Eye, Hummelstown, PA

The AdaptDx by MacuLogix is the first instrument to provide a practical and objective measurement of dark adaptation function.

One of the biggest challenges I face in clinical practice is differentiating age-related drusen with pathologic drusen. I struggle with what to tell my patients who have good acuity and are asymptomatic, yet have macular drusen present on exam. If I tell them that they have age-related macular degeneration (AMD), there is a psychological impact that may be disturbing to them. If I don’t share this finding at that time, they may question my care at a later date.

No one can deny that all drusen are risk factors for AMD. Clinical research supports the high prevalence of drusen in the population, even as young as 20 years of age. Although younger people tend to have smaller size drusen, this finding still exists. We also know that more drusen may be present (sub-clinical) but not seen on exam. Hence the dilemma.

MacuLogix, Inc.’s AdaptDx, an instrument that operates very similarly to a visual field test, measures a patient’s dark adaptation function and allows us to quantify the “state of the macula” as it relates to AMD and other retinal diseases. The degree of sensitivity and specificity from the research demonstrates that this technology is a reliable tool for AMD diagnosis and for tracking progression.

We see far more AMD in our population than glaucoma, yet the diagnostic tools for glaucoma that allow us to quantify many of our findings are more abundant. For instance, ganglion cell complex, RNFL thickness, and visual field loss can be quantified with OCT and perimetry technology.

Over the last few months, our practice has performed dark adaptometry on more than 200 patients using the AdaptDx. We have found it provides a vital piece of information to guide us in the management of our macular disease patients.

MacuLogix is a pioneer in the early detection and tracking of retinal diseases. The AdaptDx is the first practical instrument for measurement of dark adaptation, which is substantially impaired in not only AMD, but also in retinitis pigmentosa, and other inherited macular dystrophies. This early, valuable insight has the potential to change the way these diseases are managed.

Glenn S. Corbin practices at Wyomissing Optometric Center in Wyomissing, PA, and is an author and lecturer on various ocular disease and practice management topics.


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