Wow, looks like we struck a nerve with our latest Optometric Office survey about online refractions! An overwhelming amount of ODs (91%) responded that they do not believe these prescriptions to be accurate. What’s more, a large percentage of you (81%) said you would not be willing to certify online prescriptions if presented with the opportunity to do so. Many of you stated that you didn’t have policies in place for remaking an Rx for a patient, but would remake them under certain conditions””that’s if you would fill them at all. “The patient has to pay for an exam, and then the Rx is remade,” said one OD, while another responded with a resounding, “Nope!” Here’s what respondents had to offer about filling a prescription from an online refraction in the first place.

“The patient fills out a form that states that we are not responsible for errors due to the refraction process – and signs it.”—

“Fill it. No reason not to!”

“We recommend an eye exam to the patient.”

“No refunds on an online Rx.”

“If the refraction is not done by a licensed OD we are not required to fill it, so we don’t.”

“We do not fill these types of prescriptions. Period.”

“This hasn’t happened yet. We would do it but take no responsibility for results.”

“We will not take responsibility for the Rx.”

“Patient must have the original Rx signed by a licensed OD or OMD.”

“We have not had that happen, yet.”

“We have had a policy for years that we do not fill outside Rx’s. We will only fill those prescriptions from a doctor we know. That way we know what the vision is and the amount of change.”

“The same as filling any doctor’s Rx. Patient is responsible for the remake. In case of online Rx’s that were wrong, we could require an exam either with us or another doctor.”

“We comply.”

“I will not fill any Rx from an online refraction. The patient needs to come into the office and see me. We can trail frame and double check the Rx””for a $36 fee.”

“We don’t currently fill online Rx’s.”

“Have not seen any at this time.”

“Haven’t had that request yet.”

“If it’s signed by an eyecare professional, guess we’ll have to honor it.”

“We haven’t had any requests yet, but would caution against it because if it’s blurry or causes eyestrain it would be at the patient’s own risk.”


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