—Vision plans thoughts.

Asking ECPs about vision plans is definitely a hot topic with a lot of heated debate and opinions. Most docs (44%) take more than five plans in their practices and many of their patients (35%) have vision plans. It’s in no way an overwhelming majority. Just as divided is the number of ECPs who’ve dropped vision plans in the past five years””47% have while 53% have not. Those who responded to dropping plans said their net income has not been affected much as a result of this with just as many reporting their income went up and improved. One wrote: “Just this year alone, we have seen more patients and our revenue has gone down $30k!” Another said, “Net is neutral but backlog for appointments is cleared up and revenue per patient is higher.” Of the plans available, most said they accept VSP, EyeMed, Davis, Spectara, and “Other.” Before joining a plan as a provider, ECPs say they calculate statistics including chair costs (60%), current revenue per patient (42%), current optical capture rate (38%), and “Other” (28%) (respondents were allowed to select more than one answer). When asked, “How do you or your staff respond to a patient who says “˜I can no longer come to your practice because you’re not on my plan,'” your colleagues said the following:

“We are sorry to lose you.”

“We offer alternative financial help. We say we’re sorry to see you go, but understand if you want to use your benefits.”

“Because you are a previous patient, we can offer you a 20% discount for all of your services.”

“We tell them about private pay discounts.”

“We are here for you if things don’t work out.”

“We apologize to the patient and give them a referral if they want.”

“We offer to file as an out-of- network provider, but the patient rarely stays with us.”

“Let us know where you want your records sent.”

“Offer to complete their forms so that they may submit for reimbursement.”

“We respond by offering materials, discounts, and utilization of monthly promotion rates.”

“We try to arrange out-of-network compensation for most plans.”

“We suggest they let their HR department know of their displeasure.”

“We try to accommodate them the best we can fee-wise.”

“We try to accept all plans that we can while still making a living.”

“We explain that they have a choice and that our care can be filed an out-of-network provider.”


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