Respondents to Optometric Office’s survey regarding the upcoming year were cautiously optimistic with 51% of respondents saying they are looking forward to what 2014 will bring because of the general feeling that the economy is stabilizing. That said, a great majority expressed concern over the impact Obamacare will have on the optical industry and the worry over small reimbursements from insurance and vision plans. Read below for more in depth comments to the question: “What are you most concerned about heading into 2014?”

“Healthcare reform.”

“Meeting of EHR guidelines and getting ICD 10 in place.”

“Third-party vision insurance reimbursement.”

“Obamacare’s lack of details.”

“Maintaining profitability.”

“The corporate entities taking over vision plans.”

“Increase of goods and products we sell and how much we can adjust fees to cover these costs.”

“Saturation of optometrists in my area.”

“Online purchases.”

“CMS audits. Meaningful Use requirements. Obamacare.”

“Greater regulation and shrinking reimbursements.”

“Optometrists being ‘Walmarted’ like pharmacists and Walgreens.”

“Slow economic growth and war.”

“Coding and billing, audits, government requirements.”

“Increase in the proportion of Medicaid patients and competition from online opticals.”

“I am not concerned. Opportunities are everywhere.”

“Uncertainty of healthcare reform.”

“Balancing cost with growth.”

“Understanding new insurance programs.

“Reducing reimbursements. Patients buying goods elsewhere.”

“The corporate entities taking over vision plans.”

“Finding the next best thing I can offer my patients.”

“Insurance benefit reduction and lack of private pay patients.”


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