Visual Aspects of the Ophthalmic Office.

Respondents to Optometric Office’s survey overwhelmingly agree (80%) that how one’s office space looks is very important in influencing patient’s purchasing decisions. The majority (82%) say the visual aspects of their practice offer the impression they are aiming for. For the most part, ECPs last remodeled their reception and optical areas in 2010 or later (47%); a great majority (43%) remodeled in the 2000s. “˜Contemporary’ is how most ECPs (43%) describe their space with “˜traditional’ a close second (35%). When asked what they would do if they had unlimited funds, your colleagues made the following comments:

“We’d add more technology. We have a younger patient base who expects it.”

“In order to sell $1,000 pairs of eyewear, your space has to look the part. We are moving our office space in six months and plan to reflect the upscale nature of our eyewear with a contemporary and updated version of the hip, clean, and open space I have now.”

“I love our frame displays but I would change them to something a bit sleeker to give us an even more modern look.”

“Open it up and use more inviting and pleasing colors to make my patients feel welcome and want to spend more time here.”

“Adding artwork to our space is on the top of my list. We did an addition and complete remodel in 2012 and have seen significant growth in new patient and revenue.”

“Redo our waiting area and reception””that is everyone’s first impression so it needs to “˜wow.'”

“Much larger front desk where multiple functions and conversations can interact without competition, clutter, and noise.”

“Hire a designer for recommendations for best lighting and flow of office. Also add combination wood/carpet.”

“I would put down tiles that look like wood because it would hold up better to the traffic than our carpeting does.”

“Create a more open look with elements of sophistication and high-tech.”

“Add more LED lights to my display windows.”

“Create more boutique-y atmosphere and improve our “˜kids welcome’ experience.”

“Modernize and update the front desk and reception partition with glass panels. Add electronic communication, tablets for patients to fill out info, and make the whole office more high tech.”


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