Respondents to Optometric Office’s survey regarding mobile apps were divided with a large percentage (70%) saying they don’t have an app or mobile site. Though close to half (47%) say adding one is in their future plans, 30% say they don’t have plans to incorporate one because they’re not sure of the value and what role it would play. Still others can’t rave enough about them. Read below for some in-depth comments to the question: “What is your opinion on apps?”

“A novel distraction.”

“Useful, as they help add convenience to our patient’s lives.”

“They are necessary in the current culture.”

“A great way to stay in touch with your patients.”

“They are useful and the wave of the future.”

“Have not caught on much but believe they are the way to go.”

“Not sure if patients want another app on their phones”¦just use the phone and call the office!”

“I’m tired of all the apps.”

“Helpful tool.”

“Well-designed apps are very useful but less than 10% of them are well-designed. When they work, they allow me to connect and do things without the computer and on my schedule. They fit a nice niche.”

“Fantastic! Great resource for both patients and our office.”

“Mixed. I get tired of all the apps.”

“Payback is hard to measure for an individual practice or company based upon how frequently a patient visits.”

“Progressive and exciting.”

“Okay, but not essential to persons in the older population or in the rural U.S.”

“Most are a waste of time.”

“Take up too much space on phone.”

“Can be a wonderful tool and practice builder.”

“Not needed at this time.”

“Makes us more visible and easier for patients to interact with us. Currently one-third of the traffic on our site is from mobile devices.”

“Not sure of the value, though there’s a segment of the market that is seeking this interface.”

“Convenient for those few patients who know how to use them.”


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