Nowadays, there seems to be a mobile app for just about everything, even eyecare. A number of apps are available to both optometrists and patients. We wanted to know how big a role they play in optometric practice. Many of the doctors who responded don’t use apps or recommend them to patients, but they have a long wish list.

If you could have one app for yourself or your patients that isn’t currently available, what would it be? (Please describe)

“An app to help choose a particular PAL design or brand based on Rx, lifestyle, etc.”

“An AREDS reminder.”

“I use all computer-based applications/websites.”

“Fused cross-cylinder calculator.”

“More access to my EMR.”

“I don’t use any apps at all at any time.”

“An app that would describe various treatment options.”

“One that is approved by professional associations that develop and defend standard of care protocols for eyecare (American Medical Association, American Optometric Association, etc.) and the FDA, to assure health and safety monitoring for consumers, and one that consolidates all available tools into a standardized and broadly available app that is easy for all ages. This unfortunately cannot happen without federal regulation!”

“Contact lens price search engine.”

“An app that explained some common diseases—macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.”

“No interest or time for apps. Don’t use. Don’t recommend. Don’t want to use or recommend.”

“Dry eye artificial tear reminder”

“Maybe a dry eye app. Patients could monitor symptoms and how many times a day they are using drops. Info could be shared with doctor.”

“Some sort of diagnostic quick screening for functional visual issues.”

“Blood sugar app monitor.”

“A good medication reminder.”

“Pupil measurement app.”

“An app for a portal access for their healthcare information.”

“HIPAA-compliant communication.”

“Slit lamp photos.”

“Quick toric crossed cylinder, but I think that is already available.”

“More apps for Android. I wish I could access more of them on my Android phone so that I did not have to go to my desktop.”

“Inexpensive seg height and PD measurements.”

“Online formulary check.”

“Reminders for eye exams for diaetic patients.”

“Eye health, potential threats to your vision.”

“Health insurance benefits app.”

“A reminder to change their contact lenses.”


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