—Even though ODs have had some time to acclimate themselves to electronic health records, there are still several potential learning challenges shared by those who are called upon to operate within the new system. Respondents to Optometric Office’s survey regarding ODs’ general feelings about EHR systems shared some interesting insights about how software companies can better train staff members to use their systems. More than half of the respondents to the survey said they have seriously considered changing EHR software systems. Meanwhile, the split between respondents scanning paper charts into their current system is about even with the number of respondents who are not doing so. And an overwhelming majority of respondents routinely use scribes to increase exam-room efficiency. Several ODs told us about their ideas for making improvements on the current EHR approach and system. “Offer live trainer-update symposiums,” suggested one, while another asked for “video tutorials and email blasts that clarify updates and changes.” As for which existing EHR software options could change or add to improve the efficiency of office patient flow, the ODs we surveyed offered the following.

 “Have fewer screens that we have to go through.”

“Autofill a patient’s info directly into their EHR.”

“Allow multiple users on the same patient file.”

“More efficient voice recognition and “˜smart’ suggestions. For example, if I type glaucoma, automatically populate an order set with typically ordered tests.”

“Increase the software writers’ understanding of an optometric office.”

“Increase the ability to more easily maneuver through pages.”

“Actually present the tests in the order they’re performed to avoid having to flip through screens.”

“A more natural, logical flow.”

“Have fewer drop-down menus.”

“Make the software more intuitive.”

“Specialty areas such as vision therapy need to be added.”

“The ability to upload forms to a table and have them sign on the tablet.”

“Have the EHR recognize medical conditions and translate into ICD codes.”

“Eliminate ridiculous meaningful-use requirements.”

“Allow me to quickly toggle between past exams.”

“Get rid of it.”


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