While over three-quarters of ODs  surveyed about their Internet usage reported using a desktop computer to access optometric information, half of the docs who responded also relied on their smartphones. Mobile use was not limited to seeking optometric information, though. Respondents also used the device to run their practice. Apps they employed included Epocrates, GoodRx, Eye2Eye, OE Tracker, Opto, Vision Tap, CamScanner, Wills Eye Manual, ICD-10 converter, as well as PM/EHR apps, toric calculators, and lens simulators. Below, ODs share other ways the smartphone has changed their practice.




“My office manager texts the staff with any changes or questions.”

“Patients can make appointments on their smartphones, which is a great thing!”

“I can answer patient emails more quickly.”

“I can get reference materials to explain things to a patient instantly.”

“I use my smartphone to look at my schedule and messages from my cloud-based EHR.”

“I am able to view emails and websites wherever I am, giving more flexibility with time allotted.”

“Patients come in, take a pic of frames, and check prices on the Internet or take info home and order the frame online.”

“I often use for testing, since patients want to know how they see text on the phone.”

“Patients keep calendars on their smartphones, so it’s better for scheduling follow-ups at the end of the appointment instead of calling back later to set it up.”

“I find them annoying because patients use them in the exam room.”

“Recall and appointment confirmation by text is fabulous.”

“With my smartphone I can refract (SVOne from Smart Labs), do near point testing (iChart 2000) and take anterior segment photos to send to the patient record.”

“Use it to keep up with email and look up topics of interest.”

“They have not impacted my hospital-based practice as much as some of my colleagues in private practice. I do not carry my smartphone with me during patient care…if I need to look something up, I use the desktop computers I have in each room or at a workstation.”

“Looking up contact lens parameters.”

“Use them for anterior segment photos.”

“I use one app to look up drugs and one to design contact lenses.”


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