Staff Delegation

For decades, optometric training required that students do their own patient work-ups and perform all diagnostic tests. Things change dramatically after graduation. Today’s clinical practice requires high levels of efficiency and staff delegation. Hiring trained optometric technicians and the use of new diagnostic technologies have supported this trend. In fact, this month’s survey on staff delegation in modern optometric care found that 99% of you rely on technicians for diagnostic testing. One optometrist surveyed said that his techs are the ones who use all the diagnostic equipment in his practice. “I don’t even know how to operate the equipment,” he admitted. “I only review and interpret the data.” But not all are so entrusting. See below for tests that are usually delegated.


“Our techs do all the pretesting, including tonometry, photos, Optos, keratometry, visual fields, VEP, OCT, color testing, blood pressure, depth perception, pachymetry and acuities.”

“History, pre-testing, tonometry, Oculus dry-eye testing, Lipiview testing, topography, all contact lens duties, autorefraction and OCT testing.”

“All except slit lamp and refraction.”

“Autoref, puff tonometry, OCT, VF, photography, lensometry.”

“Autoref, VA, pupils, EOMs, refraction, dilation and ancillary testing (OCT, VF, etc.).”

“VA, IOP, VF, OCT, all screening tests and retinal cameras.”

“Everything but biomicroscopy and internal exam. However, I have trained techs to perform slit lamp evaluations for CL prescribing and evaluations.”

“VA, fields, versions, telebinocular, contrast sensitivity, cover test, NYSOA King-Devick test, retinal photo, NPC, autorefractor, Donders amplitude, OCT, topography, Amsler grid, BP, central super sensitive fields and wavefront analysis.”

“History, refraction, slit lamp, photography, OCT, visual fields, contact
lens fitting.”
“The techs in work-up do pupils, muscle testing EOM’s, confrontation fields, FDT fields, visual acuities, Optomap, topography and case history. Our techs scribe and help with contact lens evals.”

“VF, VA, SLO, lensometry, stereo, BP and initial history.”

“Eyeglass prescription verification.”

“History, entrance testing such as vision, confrontation, muscle balance, pupils, tonometry, autorefraction, instillation of dilating drops, visual fields, OCT and fundus photography.”

“As many as possible.”


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