After the outbreaks of infections caused by contact lens cleaning/disinfecting solutions, optometrists are doing their homework to find out about the safety—high efficacy, low toxicity—of these products before making their recommendations to patients as evident in Ophthalmic Office’s recent survey. And when it comes to deciding on whether to use a multipurpose contact lens solution or a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-based care system, the majority of respondents say it depends on the individual patient’s needs, i.e., contact lens compatibility, compliance capability, and allergic reactions. Here’s a closer look at what some of your colleagues had to say as well as some of their preferred lens care products.

“I prefer H2O2 for those patients who have increased buildup and/or are in an environment of disease (e.g., medical, dental, student, public service). Multipurpose solutions work best for busy patients who may inadvertently put H2O2 in their eyes.”

“Prefer peroxide systems, but if patient may be non-compliant, will go to simpler multipurpose solution.”

“We provide the solution recommended for the lens by the manufacturer.”

“AOSEPT because it provides the best sterilization and NO sensitivity reactions…why not start with the best solution and avoid all the problems that multipurpose solutions will sooner or later create.”

“I evaluate the literature, listen to what the reps have to say, try all solutions personally, and decide from there on what I will recommend.”

“I decided that H2O2 is the best solution because it does not leave chemicals that can possibly be toxic to a patient’s eye as I have seen a few nasty reactions to a popular multipurpose solution.”

“Clear Care® because it is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaning solution and I feel that they are the best at removing proteins and deposits and disinfecting lenses.”

“I base this decision on the type of lens (rigid or soft) I am dispensing. In addition, I’m concerned certain patients may not understand how a H2O2 solution system is to be used. I’ve had a number of patients injure their corneas due to incorrect use in spite of careful instructions.”

“I choose the system which combines ease of use for the patient with the desired protections for safely wearing contact lenses.  Compliance is half the battle with any care system.”

“Sauflon One-Step. Peroxide, easy to use, has wetting agent incorporated, not available in retail.”

“We primarily offer the convenience of the multipurpose contact lens solutions to all new lens fits. If there is any issue with dryness or bouts with keratitis, we immediately change a patient to a peroxide system with profuse warnings and instruction to avoid inadvertent corneal chemical burns.”

“I use those solutions that I know have a good kill rate and that patients have said are comfortable. If I have a problem with oil or protein build-up and can’t change the patient into a daily disposable then I’ll change her or him to a H2O2 solution.”

“RevitaLens for effectiveness against pathogens and for ease of patient compliance. Clear Care for those who simply cannot use any of the multipurpose solutions. “

“What we are able to give patients samples of.”

“I start with multipurpose solution and monitor comfort and wearing time and switch to H2O2 whenever I suspect there is a problem.”

“I believe in having a variety of products so I can prescribe the solution I feel best serves each individual patient.”

“OptiFree Replenish has an excellent track record in my hands and has proven to be extremely safe. It has held up against all the abuses possible by the contact lens wearing public. That being said, no one solution will work for every patient or is compatible with every lens.”

“Type of contact lens materials, patient’s environment or habits, frequency of replacement, past history of patient.”

“I take into account what system the patient is using, how it is working, and if the patient has any allergies.  I have found allergic patients respond well to a daily digital rub and/or using a H2O2 solution.”

“For the most part, the simpler the better.  Multipurpose solutions are good for disposable cls.  We all know they are lousy for real cleaning.  If, however, we find someone with an allergic response we then switch them to a H2O2 solution if they are smart enough to understand how it is to be used.”

“We offer whichever company provides us with samples.”

“We look to see what the local stores carry as there is no use in recommending something the patients can’t buy.  There we select one that has reps who call on us and give us good service and samples.”

“Currently, Biotrue™ is my ‘go to’ product for contact lens care solutions.  Most patients like the solution, and I have not seen any adverse effects from it.”

“I rely on my patients’ feedback when they come back for their contacts follow-up. I usually provide them with starter kits. From their responses, I rule out the bad solutions.”

“I use the one that gives the eye the least amount of staining with the contact type I use, and offer PuriLens® for those who may be having chemical sensitivity issues. I stopped offering peroxide sol. a while back because no matter how much we trained the pt. they still burned their eye at least once and wanted me to change their systems.”


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