Growing Your Practice

Managing a modern optometric practice requires the integration of new technology—and staff. It’s always a good idea to upgrade technology that improves patient care. But the success of most practices is also dependent upon the delegation of duties to trained and dedicated staff. While some optometrists said that staff turnover was not a problem, what do you do when there’s room to grow and you have to hire? That’s the question we asked in this issue’s Docs Speak Out survey. Here’s where optometrists start when seeking to hire new staff.

Resources you use when looking to hire staff: 

“Vision Source website, professional community, reps, online and local agencies.”

“Online advertising and knowledge by the current staff of those who apply.”

“Social media.”

“We have an ideal staff member profile against which we compare the applicants.”

“Word of mouth from sales reps.”
“My office manager handles this, allowing me more time for patients.”

“The local technical college.”

“Local Eye Site.”

“I haven’t had a new hire in ten years!”

“Friends of current staff, internet (Indeed and Craigslist), and even recommendations from patients.”

“State association newsletter.”
“Word-of-mouth referrals and medical staffing agencies.”

“Facebook, interviews with team leaders, rest of staff and doctors. We also run ads, observe potential employee hires in the community in other work environments.”

“Zip Recruiter, Indeed and word of mouth.”

“We use a temp agency to trial new staff.”


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