CooperVision MyDay lenses take silicone hydrogel daily disposable contacts to the next level.

MyDayâ„¢ lenses incorporate an advanced lens design, with a smooth lens surface and rounded edge, providing a more natural feeling as the eyelid glides effortlessly over the lens. In addition, Smart Siliconeâ„¢ technology optimizes oxygen permeability in a lens that’s just 4.4% silicone””the lowest percentage of silicone found in a SiHy, daily disposable lens, according to CooperVision. By using less silicone, Smart Silicone leaves more room in the lens for built-in channels of comfort-enhancing moisture. It also enables a low modulus. In addition, Smart Silicone provides optimal softness while maintaining exceptional handling. Finally, it has built-in UV protection that filters 85% of UVA and 96% of UVB rays, helping promote long-term ocular health.

CooperVision MyDay lenses offer patients a high overall comfort level, and easy, comfortable insertion. Research has revealed high end-of-day satisfaction among patients, as well as reports of positive end-of-day removal experiences from patients.

They also offer the healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel material. These highly breathable lenses provide a healthier lens-wearing experience, and easy handling (lens insertion and removal) gives patients a lens that’s easy to put in and take out.

By using less silicone, Smart Silicone leaves more room in the lens for built-in channels of moisture and provides optimal lens softness””softer than other silicone hydrogel daily disposables””yet they’re easy to insert and remove.

MyDay lenses feature a high water content and naturally wettable surface. There’s no need for surface coatings, treatments, or wetting agents.

•Easy to teach new wearers how to apply and remove their MyDay lenses.
•All-day comfort for a high level of patient satisfaction.
•Optimal balance of comfort, health, and handling, making them an obvious choice for patients.


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