Online tools can help you to keep contact lens patients in your practice.

This era of online vendors and large retailers has left many eyecare practitioners facing new challenges, particularly in the contact lens arena. As practices try to compete with high-volume online vendors and “big-box” retailers, keeping contact lens dispensing in-house has become increasingly time-consuming.

Thankfully, new innovative methods of patient retention are becoming available to keep away competition, especially in the contact lens arena.

LensFerry S
LensFerry S, a division of CooperVision, allows patients to spread out the cost of their contact lenses over time and enjoy the convenience of automatic lens deliveries shipped directly to them. In turn, optometrists keep patients connected to their practices. LensFerry S offers lenses from all major manufacturers and all modalities, enabling ECPs to utilize the service for a broad spectrum of patients.

My CL Reorder
CLX System’s My CL Reorder identifies patients who are due to run out of lenses based on purchase history and automatically sends them emails and text messages containing a link from which they can  reorder directly from the practice. CLX also provides practices with an ordering link to place on their websites.

With My CL Reorder, patients are able to purchase all different contact lens
modalities. The practice can set its own prices, choose its own distributor, and personalize all reminder emails and texts.

My CL Reorder is integrated with several practice-management systems, enabling practices to place contact lens orders directly with the distributor.

It also provides valuable metrics and reporting for your practice, including your prescribing habits and pricing compared to the national average to help you better manage the contact lens side of your practice.
ABB Optical Group’s ordering platform is A link on your practice’s website takes patients to, where the patient sees information that is customized to your practice.

As with other platforms, you decide what lenses to offer patients and at what prices. You also decide whether to place the first order while the patient is still in the office or whether to send the patient home with the prescription to enter. ABB Optical then ships the lenses directly to the patient.

Launched in January 2016, Sightbox is meant for individuals who don’t have a current contact lens prescription, or haven’t had it updated in at least one year. For an annual membership fee, Sightbox schedules an eye exam and contact lens fitting for each member, pays the doctor directly for services at the time of the appointment and coordinates regular contact lens deliveries to the member for a full year. The company says its standard vision plan supports all major manufacturers of soft disposable lenses, including torics, multifocals and color contacts.

Improved Efficiency
Newer digital marketing services help practices increase patient retention, improve office efficiency and stay connected with their patients throughout the year. Further, transactions between your practice and patient can occur outside normal business hours and are available 24-7. This improved patient interaction drives practice growth and patient loyalty for years to come.

Anar Maurya, OD, received her doctorate from UAB School of Optometry in 2004. She specializes in ocular disease, post-surgical management and fitting specialty contact lenses at Woodhams Eye Clinic in Atlanta, GA.

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