CLX Subscriptions

A customizable contact lens subscription service is now available to users of the CLX System, a comprehensive contact lens management and marketing solution.

The subscription service gives eyecare professionals the ability to offer patients a way to automatically replenish their contact lenses and capture the full year of purchases in a more convenient payment program for the patient. CLX automatically bills patients and facilitates the shipment of contact lenses straight to the patient’s door at scheduled intervals by the practice’s distributor of choice. All CLX patient communications are customized with the ECP’s logo and brand, and all revenue from contact lens sales are directly deposited into the ECP’s bank account

“CLX Subscription enables ECPs to defend their patient relationships and capture more annual supply revenue by providing their patients with convenient and flexible reordering options,” said Jim Edwards, CLX president and CEO. “CLX was designed to help ECPs increase contact lens profits while reducing overhead. We’re excited to add CLX Subscription as another turnkey feature on the CLX suite of services, specifically designed to help ECPs grow their contact lens business.”


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