—Alcon’s newest peroxide lens disinfection solution may be a game changer in improving CL patient compliance and dropout rates.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) disinfection of contact lenses has long been thought to be a robust cleaning system. It has also been reported that the H2O2 disinfection of lenses delivers the same comfort upon insertion as daily disposable contact lenses.

The unique attributes of the newly launched CLEAR CARE’ PLUS are sure to assist ECPs in helping their contact lens-wearing patients achieve a higher degree of comfort with their lenses.

The addition of HydraGlyde’ (HG), a key component in Alcon’s OPTI-FREE’ PureMoist’ solution, to CLEAR CARE PLUS has the potential to assist in mid-day to end-of-day wearing through enhanced wetting. HG is a molecule that has two positive attributes. Its slim end, poly(oxybutylene)y, is attracted to silicone and anchors to the lens matrix. This allows for a significant duration of action (wetting in this case). The bulbous end of HG, poly(oxyethylene)x, attracts moisture and theoretically enhances lens comfort and wearing. The pairing of HG with H2O2 promises to deliver premium disinfection and a comfort level that we have not yet witnessed.

A recent industry study found that 85% of patients claimed to be compliant with lens care, whereas only 2% actually demonstrated good compliance. Worse yet, fewer than 1% followed the instructions as published. This, combined with a lack of hand washing in our society in general, and the use of contact lens cases that are old and dirty, contributes to patient risk and possibly contact lens dropout.

It is time for a paradigm shift. Many of our patients overwear their lenses, believe that most contact lens care systems are the same, skip annual exams, and eventually drop out of contact lenses. CLEAR CARE PLUS can be the silver bullet to prevent patient problems on the front end, rather than just trying to solve them on the back end. Earlier this year, data presented by Alcon reported that CLEAR CARE users had better behaviors when compared to users of multi-purpose solutions, and more than twice as many users followed their doctor’s recommendations and returned for their eye exams more often.


“Clear Care Plus is a very unique product. The incorporation of a wetting agent into a peroxide system offers significant benefits. I no longer perceive peroxide disinfection as a problem solver, but rather a first line option for contact lens care.”

““William Townsend, OD, FAAO, Canyon, TX

“For years, I have recommended Clear Care for my dry eye patients who wear contact lenses. Its hydrogen peroxide penetrates the matrix of a soft contact lens, facilitating debris removal. In addition, it contains no preservatives, which can bind to the lens. Clear Care Plus, with its wetting agent, will be even more beneficial for this patient population.”

““Susan Gromacki, OD, MS, FAAO, Chevy Chase, MD Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The recommended steps for soft contact lenses include: washing and drying hands, placing lenses in the baskets and rinsing with CLEAR CARE PLUS for five seconds, filling the case with the solution, and waiting overnight or at least six hours before wearing again.

Note that no rubbing or rinsing is required. The patient can rinse with a saline solution before inserting if they wish. This is a very easy process for our patients to understand and comply with.  It’s optimal to dispense a sample package of the solution to your patients and review disinfection steps.  When your patients purchase more solution, a fresh case and catalyst is included with each bottle.

Chris Lievens is Chief of Staff at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN.


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