ENCOURAGING ‘DILLI DALLI’-ING AT CLEARVISION. Developed with the help of optometrists, the new Dilli Dalli eyewear private label for infants and toddlers is comfortable, fashionable, and durable—incorporating IntelliFlex multi-action spring hinges. In-store materials include countercards; custom logo clings, frame cards, and cases; and a custom sales tray presentation system available in multiple colors with printed catalog. The marketing campaign features digital advertising, custom-designed animated video, and print support. ClearVision Optical Co., 800-645-3733,

IRIDEX TAKES PATIENTS TO DME SCHOOL. With the launch of, an educational Web site intended to raise awareness of diabetic macular edema (DME), patients can learn the ins and outs of DME and MicroPulse Laser Therapy, which is a new retina-sparing DME treatment option. IRIDEX Corporation, 650-940-4700,

PBA POINTS TO INCREASE IN EYE DISEASES. The 2012 Vision Problems in the U.S. report includes results from a joint study between Prevent Blindness America and the National Eye Institute. Research revealed that since the year 2000, there has been a 23% increase in vision impairment and blindness in adults aged 40 and over. The study, conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University, provides prevalence rates and estimates cases of age-related eye conditions. Prevent Blindness America, 800-331-2020,

VOLK’S FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER. The partnership between Volk and Pioneer International has resulted in $30,000 raised to support the American Cancer Society and its Making Strides campaign against breast cancer. This milestone was achieved as the partnership achieved the sale of 1,000 lenses that are ringed in the signature pink of breast cancer awareness and engraved with the awareness ribbon. Volk Optical, Inc., 800-345-8655,

TRANSITIONS URGES DOCS TO ROCK THE VOTE. Now’s the time to submit nominations for the 2012 Transitions Awards, including Eyecare Practice of the Year. Nominee evaluations are based on commitment to photochromic growth, alignment to Transitions Optical and participation in programs and promotions, marketing initiatives, education and training efforts, and community involvement. Transitions Optical, Inc., 800-848-1506,

MANAGING WITH MACPRACTICE APP. Streamlining patient registrations is easier for practitioners with an iPad. The new Clipboard App allows practices to increase efficiency and narrow the opportunity for data entry error. Patients presented with the app during their registration also can complete HIPAA consent and release forms.This is then incorporated into patients’ accounts. MacPractice, 402-420-2430,


Bausch + Lomb acquires FDA approval of the enVista™ intraocular lens.

NicOx enters into worldwide licensing agreement with Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc. for ophthalmic diagnostics.

Alden Optical, Inc. adds OOGP as one of its authorized distributors.

FDA Advisory Committee recommends ThromboGenics’ ocriplasmin for systomatic VMA treatment.

Abbott Medical Optics Inc. receives FDA approval for Healon® EndoCoat OVD.


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