A series of tests makes interpretation and management of eye and vision deficits easier.

The adoption rate of electrophysiology-based vision testing (Visual Evoked Potential and pattern Electroretinography) by eyecare professionals (ECPs) is fast becoming an important component in assessing vision pathology. Diopsys is on the forefront of this technology with the Diopsys NOVA Vision Testing System, a suite of tests using electrophysiology, including NOVA-LX, NOVA-TR, NOVA-ERG and the Enfant Pediatric VEP test. The device provides objective, functional information to support the interpretation and management of vision deficits. It also documents the results of practitioner intervention for tracking patients’ response to therapies.


Features of the system include””among other attributes””synchronized data collection (for quick, objective analysis of neurological response to stimuli), artifact detection (which aids in noise cancellation and accurate data acquisition/analysis), and the ability to access the internet and download patients’ testing results. There is also a 17-in. LCD flat screen stimulus monitor for easy viewing, as well as a sensor status indicator to determine how well the patient has been prepped.

Clinicians can choose from fixed VEP and ERG protocols that guide the technician through the procedure or customize testing parameters specific to each patient and pathology by selecting pattern type and size, contrast level, and testing times. When used in conjunction with other tests, electrophysiology can help ECPs diagnose and monitor vision disorders.

•The Diopsys NOVA- LX uses color-coded VEP results to enhance medical decision making and treatment planning.
•The Diopsys NOVA- TR allows clinicians to specify therapy types and duration of treatment (i.e., patching, surgery) to document the results of physician intervention.
•The Diopsys NOVA-ERG test gives an objective, functional response of the vision system at the retina.
•The Enfant Pediatric VEP test is designed to evaluate the entire visual pathway without the child having to say a word.


This modern, patient-friendly, non-invasive, objective and functional vision testing technology has been developed specifically for the office-based ECP. With the support of the Diopsys Clinical Application Specialist (CAS), physicians get hands-on training on how to operate and implement the device into their practice.


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