The Marco EPIC-5100 can increase patient efficiency by 50% to 75% and takes up one-third of the space of a traditional line.
The Veatch Digital Refraction System includes the PDR-7000 Digital Refractor, PRK-7000 Autorefractor/ Keratometer and PLC-7000 Visual Acuity System.
The Huvitz complete refraction system includes the HLM-9000 automated lensometer with blue light hazard measurement function.
The Phoropter VRx Digital Refraction System from Reichert connects to EHR systems and other pre-test and acuity devices in both the Reichert and non-Reichert family.

Eight digital refraction systems that streamline your practice.

One of the easiest ways to increase office efficiency and profitability in a practice is by incorporating an automated, or digital, refraction system. These systems are compact, space-saving tools that also allow doctors to delegate some or all of the refraction to a technician or staff member. These extremely precise systems can also reduce costs by lowering the number of re-makes. Patients will be impressed by your use of technology, and upgrades such as these often serve as an effective marketing tool. Ultimately, doctors can spend less time gathering information, see more patients and spend more time managing their offices.

This fully integrated workstation from Marco Ophthalmic consists of a digital refractor, one of several options for autorefractor/keratometer/aberrometer, autolensometers and space-saving chart projector. The included digital refractor features a color, touch control console, improved test and target designs, intelligent cross cylinder, flash memory,  multiple contrast, glare-testing modes and a built-in near reading card light. The one-touch toggle allows for a predetermined, quick refracting sequence, decreasing work times to less than 10 minutes. Eye-care professionals who use this system find that they save at least five to eight minutes per exam and are able to perform a refraction in three to five minutes, increasing patient efficiency by 50% to 75%. The device takes up one-third of the space of a traditional lane. When configured with OPD Scan III, the integrated wavefront refractive data can also be integrated into most electronic health record (EHR) systems.

THE TRS-5100
This Marco system features a small keyboard that controls both the projector and the entire refraction process and is completely programmable. It also integrates with most EHR systems and streamlines the entire exam experience by decreasing the time needed to gather information and by eliminating the need to manually enter data.

THE TRS-3100
This total refraction system, also from Marco, has a wireless interface utilizing a built-in Intelligent Card Reader, allowing seamless integration with many acuity systems. The small footprint and ergonomic design make this a cost-effective, space-saving system that fits in most offices.

Both the TRS-5100 and the TRS-3100 provide a wide visual field to give a more realistic view and accurate refraction, while the keypad allows for a smoother, faster refraction. A doctor or technician can easily compare a previous prescription to the new prescription instantaneously to increase optical revenue, and pupillary distance can be adjusted automatically or independently on both instruments. Additionally, Marco offers training on all of its equipment and has a video library on the company website.

Topcon Medical System’s EXAM 5000 combines the CV-5000S Vision Tester, chair and stand, chart projector, autorefractor and lensometer in one complete, easy-to-use system. The compact, 6 in. x 7 in. size fits most offices and saves on valuable space, while the motorized table is wheelchair accessible. Additional features include color-coded cross-cylinder lenses, corneal illumination and a small optical head, enhancing patient comfort. As with other systems, the refraction system is fully customizable and has on-screen technician scripts to make delegation simple. Topcon also offers on-site training and installation, simplifying integration into a busy office.

This system from Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments includes the Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor, Potec PRK-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer, Potec PLC-7000 Visual Acuity System and the Potec PLM 6100PD Autolensometer. Doctors using this system find it easier to delegate parts of the refraction process to speed up exam times. They are able to see as many as four to five more patients, per room, per day, increasing practice revenue. The system eliminates costly inefficiencies, and Veatch will help doctors calculate the savings that result.

Similar to the Refraction Suite from Veatch, the Veatch Digital Refraction System includes the PDR-7000 Digital Refractor, PRK-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer and PLC-7000 Visual Acuity System. The equipment that makes up this system provides yet another cost-effective, efficient way to streamline the refraction process.

The Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction  System from Reichert Technologies, Inc. features a thin, compact design, fast lens changes, motorized prisms, split cylinder lenses and a smooth, quiet operation. It connects to EHR systems and other pre-test and acuity devices in both the Reichert and non-Reichert family.   It can be pre-programmed for easy delegation and has an ergonomic design, as well as an intuitive interface and touch-screen display.

This Huvitz system, distributed by Coburn Technologies, Inc., includes an autorefractor, keratometer, aberrometer (HRK-9000A), digital refractor (HDR-9000), digital HD chart (HDC-9000PF) and automated lensometer (HLM-9000) with blue light hazard measurement function. All of the pieces that make up this system are user-friendly, top-of-the-line technologies that fit seamlessly into any office system. This sleek-looking system is efficient and accurate.

Incorporating a digital refraction system into an office has never been easier. There are a wide array of choices of technology available, all which will help with efficiency, speed and overall office flow.

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD, is in private practice at Norwalk Eye Care in Norwalk, CT.


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