CooperVision’s Proclear 1-day multifocal is designed with a single add profile, making it easy to fit it.

“Proclear 1-day multifocal disposables offer a cutting-edge material to help presbyopes enjoy comfort, convenience, and excellent eye health. I highly recommend them.”

Mitch Cassel, OD, Studio Optix,
New York, NY

CooperVision’s Proclear 1 day multifocal makes daily wear more comfortable.

I’ve prescribed a lot of contact lenses in my practice and have seen the ups (and downs) of many a lens. You know the drill, especially with presbyopic patients””the lenses either work great for distance yet not well enough close up, or patients can read the fine print but not see to drive.  Others find the deposits by the end of the day make their eyes dry and uncomfortable. The solution: CooperVision’s Proclear 1 day multifocal.

This lens works on different levels. First and foremost, there’s the comfort and visual acuity factor””regardless of the ADD correction. Because it’s designed with a single ADD profile, the fit is easy to do and the patients achieve binocularity while preserving distance vision and limiting visual compromise at near. Most of my patients are delighted to find out they can wear a daily disposable lens again, especially those who were longtime daily disposable wearers.

Second, there’s the makeup: a technology which incorporates phosphorlcholine molecules and attracts water to keep the lens surface feeling moist and smooth, combating dryness.

Disposable multifocals haven’t been a priority for many contact lens companies but that’s changing. And that’s a good thing because there are a lot of people looking for alternatives.

Take my longtime patient Ms. Schwartz*, a 48-year-old who turned presbyopic four years ago. She had worn a one-day lens for six years but when she needed a multifocal, only the monthly lens option was available. She tried it, but due to discomfort, soon went back to her one-day lenses, this time wearing monovision with occasional readers. She managed, but was never really happy. When I was finally able to fit her with CooperVision’s Proclear 1 day multifocal, she was thrilled””and tossed out her reading glasses.

This lens also worked wonders for 54-year-old Ms. Lopez*, a longtime monthly multifocal contact lens wearer who started to have trouble with her monthly lenses. As a new one-day user, she found throwing the lenses away everyday made her vision just as good””with less dry eye issues””on day one as it was on day 14.

The ease of fit is another plus. Because Proclear 1-day multifocal has a single ADD profile, the lens fitting approach allows it to work on patients up to a +2.50 ADD. The advantage here is that whether your patient is an emerging presbyope or has a high ADD, your success in fitting the lens is the same.

Another nice attribute: CooperVision’s simple-to-follow selection guide. We usually try to add as much  plus power as we can on the dominant eye””without any patient compromise of distance vision””which in this lens is easy to do. Plus, because the fit is so uncomplicated, we’re not wasting a lot of chair time trying a variety of products. The results speak for themselves: 98% of our patients purchase these lenses on their first follow-up visit.

This kind of outcome has provided my practice with a fantastic alternative to monthly multifocal contact lenses and given me happy patients once again.

Carol Deitz-Bertke works at Edgewood Eye Center in Edgewood, KY.

*not her real name


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