Kowa’s activEHR frees you up to serve your patients and grow your practice.

activEHR drives embedded business and clinical best practices throughout the office.

The activEHR™ electronic medical records (EMR) system, the newest generation of a multifaceted system from Kowa Optimed, Inc. and EMRlogic Systems, Inc., drives embedded business and clinical best practices throughout your office.

activEHR is suitable for even the smallest practices. I’m a solo practitioner with one office. I first brought the EMRlogic system into the practice in 2003. The latest version, 2011.1, the most user-friendly yet, recently received certification from the Office for the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.

One benefit of activEHR is the ability to download prescriptions directly to the optical laboratory without the worry of misinterpretation. For example, I use the Marco Epic automated system, which is directly linked to the activEHR software. After completing my refraction, one mouse click sends the data to the optical department, eliminating the need to reenter data, and virtually eliminating prescription errors sent to the lab.

According to the company, activEHR offers the only internal Web browser, Ensemble® with CACHÉ (InterSystems Corp.)—which is also considered health care’s gold standard database and integration platform.

activEHR also allows old charts to migrate over from an old platform. Doctors are able to retrieve that data without having to close windows or, worse, track down paper files.


“One of the biggest reasons activEHR works for us is the way it uses advanced levels of Clinical Decision Support to help the practitioner make decisions.”

—Charles Haine, OD, MS, Associate Dean, Western University College of Optometry

“We chose activEHR because of how well it could submit claims electronically to our current clearinghouse. Our claims process was running so smoothly I didn’t want to interrupt the cash flow. It was an easy and smooth transition.”

—David Mills, OD, MBA, Ocean State Eyecare, Warwick, RI




activEHR does not use drop-down menus but instead opens functions to a new screen, with previous screens in the background. Ninety percent of the exam findings can be noted in check boxes, but each record also has a mode for the practitioner to add comments. This is valuable for providing extra documentation for a claim that requires more information.

Another helpful feature is the ability to call up different modes of a patient’s record on several computers at one time. I can be examining a patient and have the system open in the clinical examination mode. At the same time, the optical manger can be handling that patient’s lab order while a technician can review the same patient’s billing and insurance information.

The adaptive workflow engine, Action Manager, ensures the consistent use of best practices throughout the office before, during, and after the patient encounter. A fully integrated, two-way, real-time e-prescribing interface manages drug-drug interactions, allergies, plan formularies, and more. This information is directly imported into each patient’s chart for verification of current prescriptions.

activEHR’s Action Manager mode tracks staff and patients through the practice according to the type of visit, allowing the doctor to manage time and staff time more effectively.

Mary Lou French is in private practice and is the owner of Children’s Eyecare, P.C. in Orland Park, IL.

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