Dailies Total1 transmits an industry-first Dk/t of 156 (at the center of a -3.00D) for a daily disposable lens.

“DAILIES TOTAL1 has a dramatic impact on our patients’ lens comfort, eye health, and vision.”

“”S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, North Suburban Vision Consultants, Ltd.,
Deerfield and Park Ridge, IL

“What I like best about DAILIES TOTAL1 is that I can assure my patients with confidence that this will be the most comfortable lens they will ever wear.”

“”John Schachet, OD,
Eyecare Consultants Vision Source, Englewood, CO

DAILIES TOTAL1 features a revolutionary new water gradient contact lens material.

With so many contact lens options available, it is critical to understand the need for a radical new contact lens material. Over the past decade, two-week and monthly replacement silicone hydrogel contact lenses have dominated the marketplace. Why?  Practitioners recognize that oxygen transmission (Dk/t) through a contact lens is critical to maintain a healthy ocular surface.

Until now, most daily disposable lenses were hydrogel-based and offered lower oxygen transmission compared to their monthly and two-week counterparts. This also meant practitioners have been forced to compromise between oxygen transmission and replacement schedule.

Previously, all soft lenses were made of a homogenous material with a set water composition throughout the lens. A lens made of a single material must compromise one important characteristic of a comfortable healthy wearing experience for another. Alcon has challenged this paradigm with the “Why compromise?” question.

Its proprietary lightstream lens technology and new advancements in lens surface chemistry were the reasons for the creation of Dailies Total 1 (delefilicon A), the world’s first water gradient contact lens. Think of this as two contact lenses from core to surface morphed into a single lens, much in the way the layers of cornea and tear film form a gradient.

The core of the lens is a silicone hydrogel material that enables ultra-high oxygen transmission. Dailies Total1 transmits an industry-first Dk/t of 156 (at the center of a -3.00D) for a daily disposable lens. The core is a mid-modulus lens (0.7 MPa) giving the lens excellent handling characteristics as well as a low water content of 33% that helps minimize lens dehydration throughout the day.

The lens gradually transitions to a non-silicone hydrophilic gel at the surface. Dailies Total1 has an average surface water content of 80%, and is reported to approach almost 100% water at the outermost surface of the lens, mimicking the natural tear film of the eye. The surface has a low modulus (0.025 MPa), is extremely biocompatible, resists deposition, and offers superior surface lubricity.

The inverse of friction, Surface lubricity is highly correlated with patients lens comfort scores. Our eyes blink 14,000 times per day over the cornea and contact lens. A lubricious lens allows for greater comfort by reducing friction and irritation between the palpebral conjunctiva and lens interaction.

I was surprised when I put this lens in my eye for the first time: I found it so comfortable that I couldn’t tell there was anything in my eye. Thinking this can’t be true, I challenged patients to try the lens, and many others resonated the same sentiment.

All too often patients tolerate discomfort, reporting things are fine. They really don’t know what comfortable is until they feel the difference for themselves.

I encourage all practitioners to try this lens for themselves, their staff, and their patients. Dailies Total1 is the most comfortable and most revolutionary soft contact lens to enter the marketplace.

Chris Smiley is the owner of Vision Professionals, a two-location practice in Columbus, OH. 

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