PeroxiClear uses Triple Moist Technology to improve lens wettability.

PeroxiClear from Bausch + Lomb uses Triple-Moist technology to help contact lenses retain moisture better.

We have witnessed great advancements in contact lens materials over the past 10 years, along with great improvements in the availability of multipurpose solutions. What has been missing is advancements in peroxides. The last peroxide care system to be approved was in 2001.

We now have an innovative new peroxide system manufactured by Bausch + Lomb called PeroxiClear. PeroxiClear provides our patients with several unique advantages for great disinfection, cleaning, and wettability.

A multi-country study published in 2011 surveyed 300 soft contact lens wearers to find out what, if any, issues they were experiencing while using hydrogen peroxide solutions. More than half reported they were still experiencing issues of discomfort while wearing their contact lenses. The top three issues were dryness, irritation, and tired eyes.

These patients also told us they were having trouble keeping their lenses clean. Historically, eyecare professionals have prescribed peroxide systems to those patients who have health or discomfort issues. What we have found is that these patients are not telling us about their discomfort with their peroxide systems. They may be afraid to tell us since they have often had previous issues. They may be afraid that we will take away their contact lenses.

PeroxiClear uses Triple-Moist Technology to provide better comfort and wetting. Triple-Moist Technology attracts moisture to the lens surface and spreads it across the lens surface, and then helps the lens retain the moisture for up to 20 hours of wearing time.

The three ingredients in Triple-Moist technology are poloxamer 181, propylene glycol, and carbamide. Poloxamer 181 is a unique surfactant which has not been used in any other lens care system. It helps attract, retain, and spread moisture over the surface of the lens. Propylene glycol is a water-binding moisturizer that can hold nearly three times its weight in water, again helping to attract and retain water on the surface of the lens. Carbamide is another moisturizing agent that helps to prevent dehydration but also has another role as a platinum modulating compound.

The disinfection cycle for PeroxiClear is only four hours, the shortest for any peroxide system on the market. The disinfection is comparable with all the other peroxide systems, which is the highest of any lens care system.

Clinically we are using PeroxiClear with all of our scleral and semi-scleral gas permeable lenses with great success. Both our gas perm and soft lens patients remark about how much cleaner and comfortable their lenses feel. We have been switching more of our patients to this system because of these comments. We have found the cleanliness of the lenses to be the best of any system we have used. PeroxiClear may be the system to stem the dropout rate in your practice.

David I. Geffen is in private practice with Gordon Binder & Weiss Vision Institute, San Diego, CA.


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