The Coburn HRK-8000A offers the first contact lens
fitting function in an auto-refractor/keratometer.

The Coburn Huvitz HRK-8000A makes refracting easier and less time-consuming.

At times in my career, I’d occasionally get frustrated by patients with small pupils and/or developing cataracts. Still, I always considered myself to be an excellent refractionist. Because I plan to sell my practice sometime in the near future, though, I’m aware of the need to integrate more technology into my office. Since I’d already automated my record-keeping system and bought an OCT, I recently decided to add something to my practice that every patient would encounter during an exam. An autorefractor was the obvious answer.

I sought out an integrated system with a digital phoropter and lensometer, looking specifically for overall quality, ease of use, and a friendly price point that would get me the most bang for my buck. My research quickly led me to Coburn Technologies, Inc.’s Huvitz system, which includes the HRK 8000A autorefractor (offering the first contact lens fitting function in an autorefractor/keratometer), the HLM 7000 lensometer, and the HDR 7000 digital phoropter.

Installation services were offered but I easily set it up myself within a couple of hours and the system blended seamlessly with my current chair and stand. After a few brief phone calls to interface the system with Officemate, I was up and running. The system is also compatible with Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., Canon, and NIDEK, Inc. products, so that’s a big plus.

The HRK-8000A is very accurate with all ages and there’s a corneal mapping module that shows higher order aberrations that I find useful in problematic contact lens wearers. On the time-saving front, the digital phoropter shortens my refraction time by several minutes, and I can now sit at my desk while running through a myriad of auxiliary tests. (The system comes with a preprogramed test sequence, but it’s easily customized.)

The system also includes a digital acuity program that I hooked up to my computer, and the device is controlled effortlessly by the desk module or a remote joystick. The acuity module boasts more than 27 charts and binocular tests along with a color test and educational slides. A built-in color camera proves to be incredibly useful, allowing you to effortlessly upload pictures to your PC.
Despite my pride in my refraction ability, I’m so glad that I bit the bullet and bought the Huvitz 8000A. It’s been the best investment for my practice in 34 years. OO

John H. Johnson is in private practice in Saint Albans, VT.


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